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преди 14 дни

Today I’m finally sitting down to talk about my life because things have been CRAZY!!! I tell you all the Eurovision tea and so much more… I used FOREO's BEAR to lift my skin and keep it snatched! And Oh-My, you can immediately see the difference! Check it out here: foreo.se/t9fk

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ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ, I love you.

NikkieTutorials преди 14 дни
*don't forget to join the GIVEAWAY!!!!!* 🌈✨
Alyssa Carter
Alyssa Carter преди ден
My droom is to be able to finish school to get my license in cosmetology! IG: illyssitcharm
Thais Costalonga
Thais Costalonga преди ден
Droom!!! I’m very happy for you ❤️ @tai_maestrina (my IG)
David Chavez
David Chavez преди 3 дни
Hey Nikki I have a question my mom has rosacea what makeup brand would you recommend for someone that has rosacea and has also sensitive skin is there a brand of makeup that you would suggest or prefer for my mom? And I love you so much you keep it up girl! 😘
Vicky barajas
Vicky barajas преди 3 дни
“Droom” Insta: MrsCVB
Kristýna Bulvasová
Kristýna Bulvasová преди 4 дни
Droom ❤️ My IG: kristynabulvasova
Goki A.
Goki A. преди 3 часа
Annika преди 3 часа
Droom big❤️ @blueeyedbetch on instagram❤️
Niko Uimi
Niko Uimi преди 3 часа
Ukraine, Italy, Russia, France and Switzerland were my favourites
Annika преди 3 часа
NIKKI u gotta start telling us what you’re using for your lips😩 they’re always so perfect
Estefany Luna
Estefany Luna преди 4 часа
I had no notification 😑
juliabull преди 4 часа
me hearing TIX of Norway: omg omg she said norway, i can’t believe it
Aric Cua
Aric Cua преди 8 часа
Asking for a friend why Tornike didn’t take part in the LookLab.
Jimborean Cristian
Jimborean Cristian преди 8 часа
Droom @jimbocris 12 points goes to Malta !
Akvelīna Otmane
Akvelīna Otmane преди 9 часа
12 points : Ukraine 10 points : Italy 8 points : Azerbaijan Droom
Allison Beek
Allison Beek преди 11 часа
My droom is to help others and become a makeup artist (possibly famous). I want to show the world what I’m capable of and contribute my strengths as well. I love you Niki and I can’t wait to see what other AMAZING things you do 🥰💖💖
Simone Vaessen
Simone Vaessen преди 12 часа
Italy: 12 points France: 10 points Iceland: 8 points Nikki you where amazing!
Pascale van Maris
Pascale van Maris преди 12 часа
droom, just love how you have grown in confidence. My favorite was France. great host job! @pascale van Maris
Kai Crowell
Kai Crowell преди 12 часа
congrats girl! i'm so glad you got to do that! i know how it feels. it's super rewarding.
Jhonni Carr
Jhonni Carr преди 13 часа
I'm so happy for you, Nikkie!! I'm just here admiring how your eyeshadow blends like a droom! (IG: @jhonnicarr)
LadyBahama преди 19 часа
You were a fabulous host! Hoping Italy will have you back! Keep shining xx❤️💚🧡💙💛💜
Didrick Namtvedt
Didrick Namtvedt преди 20 часа
You were such an amazing host in Eurovision this year and I also loved all your Looklab videos, I couldn't stop watching them! Thanks for being part of an unforgettable show this year, it was just what we needed after missing out on the contest last year.
Marisofi Zaph
Marisofi Zaph преди 21 час
My favourite act were maneskin. So proud of you nikkie💕
Cyber Nomad
Cyber Nomad преди 21 час
You made this year one of the best in content, wholesomeness.... everything 🙌🏼 Im pretty sure nobody in the continent would mind switching the name to NickiVision to have you every year. 😷
Greta Delia
Greta Delia преди 22 часа
My DROOM is to win this giveaway 💭 instagram: greta.delia
IrisOdair преди 22 часа
M. Brzozka
M. Brzozka преди 23 часа
Droom ✨ ig: @mayxnaamio
zineb akyoud
zineb akyoud преди 23 часа
Can you tell me where did you get your accessories ❤️
Ida Berg
Ida Berg преди ден
12 points ukraine 🇺🇦 10 points italy 🇮🇹 8 points france 🇫🇷
Alyssa Murray
Alyssa Murray преди ден
Droom ✨ my insta is @alyssamurrayyyy!!! Nikkie you were such an amazing host, I watch eurovision every year (it’s literally like a second Christmas to me) and I loved you as a host!!! Everyone I spoke to loved you too!! My 12 points would go to Italy 🇮🇹, my 10 would be for Serbia 🇷🇸 and my 8 would be Azerbaijan 🇦🇿!!! Xxx
Alicia S
Alicia S преди ден
France or Norway
Daniel Hopkinson
Daniel Hopkinson преди ден
My 12 points were definitely for Malta ❤️
Tiana 2.0
Tiana 2.0 преди ден
Soms is t echt lastig je zelf zijn en doorzetten heb er heel erg moeite mee :( .
Eleanor Langelaan
Eleanor Langelaan преди ден
I'm so proud and happy that you realized you *droom* 💖💐 I watched you on TV and I was like "oh wow this is my Nikkie!" 😍😍😍 Insta : @eleanor_0406
Sherri-Ann преди ден
You are a droom of a person Nikki 🌸💙 Find me @ohmyappley on Instagram. Love you girlie! ✨
Hoogaarsリサ преди ден
I love nikkie! She gave me the courage to come out as a lessbian! One of my dreams is to meet her! And to say thank you for giving me the courage for coming out! And because of her I decided to put on makeup! And I love it! Now I put makeup on everyday! Nikkie you are the best!❤️
Ellie M
Ellie M преди ден
Congratulations nikkie xx
Maryam's Bridal Studio
Maryam's Bridal Studio преди ден
Instagram @maryamsbridalstudio
beksutt преди ден
12 points to Iceland! 🇮🇸. Much love from Australia. You did a fantastic hosting job Nickkie.
Tanasa Andrei - Cristian
Tanasa Andrei - Cristian преди ден
"Droom" / @_andrew_christian_ Also, this is Romania calling, 12 points to Malta!!!
Authentically Alyson
Authentically Alyson преди ден
Droom @authenticallyalyson
Bowie Days
Bowie Days преди ден
Word of the day "droom" - > dream My instagram @smoordil. You are amazing Nikkie, love you loads 🌈🌈🌈❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Amiyah Royality
Amiyah Royality преди ден
Follow your drooms 🥰💗 Instagram: Amiyah.Royality
DM преди 2 дни
Nikkie, you HAVE TO start your own talk show, you have a natural talent for hosting and interviewing people
Lady Selien
Lady Selien преди 2 дни
sooo beautiful is this its a real 'droom' so happy for you and we all love you ik hoop dat ik dit ook ooit kan bereiken wat jij doet! xoxo Selien (@lifestyleofselien)
Nelson Telleria
Nelson Telleria преди 2 дни
Eurovision needs Looklab as a standard show every year!!!
Dani Johansson
Dani Johansson преди 2 дни
Droom IG: musiker_dani
Светлана Квятковская
Светлана Квятковская преди 2 дни
Nikkie Damiano 🤝 rip their clothes
Lam преди 2 дни
DROOM 💭 My 12 points go to Destiny from Malta!! ❤️ @vvengg
Maren Joanna Julien
Maren Joanna Julien преди 2 дни
Droom :D @marenjoanna on instagram :)
Giulia santangelo
Giulia santangelo преди 2 дни
Nikkie you were amazing!
Nikita Byrne
Nikita Byrne преди 2 дни
The top five is definitely Italy, Ukraine, Switzerland, Iceland and France. But I’d have to give my 12 points to Iceland they seemed so nice and the song was so cute, really glad Italy won though
Eva Ortega-Paino
Eva Ortega-Paino преди 2 дни
12 points: Iceland 10 points: Italy 8 points: Switzerland
Im a Giraffe
Im a Giraffe преди 2 дни
my favorite entry was Italy and i voted for them from Romania.
zibbyz преди 2 дни
We love you, Nikki! It would be a great Droom to meet you and let you know how much I enjoy NikkueTutorials in person!
Lisa Anne
Lisa Anne преди 2 дни
I think this is one of my favorite looks you’ve done-soooo pretty! 😍🦋😍🦋😍
Sam Ray
Sam Ray преди 2 дни
Cant wait to buy your eyeshadow palette!! I love youuu
Emi Endo
Emi Endo преди 2 дни
My 12 points to iceland. Like come on. Also i voted for germany as well and yet i dont think my vote counted and that saddened me :(
TM159 mcBride
TM159 mcBride преди 2 дни
And we hear Nikki say;” And I almost lost my sheot” I’m like that girls holding a little Southern drawl... 🥰😍😂I adore you ~my Nikk~
Gizem İmrak
Gizem İmrak преди 2 дни
12 points: Ukraine!
ksjmoon преди 2 дни
My four favs were Switzerland, Iceland, Italy & Malta so I'm very happy with the final result, although a tiny bit sad for Malta ending up 7th :-( You were an amazing host, Nikkie, I'm glad your dream came true!
Born_confused преди 2 дни
You don't need the hyaluronic acid you can use any water based serum. A hand roller will do the same.
DayWatch преди 2 дни
12 points for ukraine!!! second best for me was italy, then serbia : )
Loretta .C
Loretta .C преди 2 дни
Droom (groots) Kisses form Italy (and 12 points to Maneskin of course) @sopralapanca_loretta
well whatever
well whatever преди 2 дни
14:00 You´re most welcome in Italy Nikkie 😍
Blake Baltimore
Blake Baltimore преди 2 дни
Blake Baltimore
Blake Baltimore преди 2 дни
Ur sooo positive. 🥰
Nikki Alegre
Nikki Alegre преди 2 дни
Droom, the impossible droom! 🎼🎶🎵🎙️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️😅🤣 nykkyanne011
José Ricardo Rojas
José Ricardo Rojas преди 3 дни
Hi nikkie!! Droom @josericardorojasp
Ximi преди 3 дни
12 points: Italy 10 points: Ukraine 8 points: Finland (6 points: Russia) and btw Nikki je hebt het fantastisch gedaan
Miles Cumminski
Miles Cumminski преди 3 дни
Wow, the Queen even wears the family color orange.
Suzanne O'Neill
Suzanne O'Neill преди 3 дни
It has been awesome watching your ‘droom’ come true :-) @xsuzx on twitter. My 12 points went to Ukraine!
My deluxe life
My deluxe life преди 3 дни
I thought France was AMAZING! She sang in her own language (which should compulsory, as it once was), representing exactly what the pluralism of Europe is. Her song was so exquisitely French, a chanson, truly representative of her country, not just any generic pop concoction. And in the end, Barbara sang wonderfully, coupling it with an exceptionally emotional performance. Just my 2 cents.
friffas преди 3 дни
you crushed it!!! ☺️
Fangirl FourEver
Fangirl FourEver преди 3 дни
Droom 🤍✨ And my 12 points go to Russia ! Because that song was about empowering woman and supporting them ! Also, I loved Manizha's performance, the outfit, the staging, the song... Everything was perfect ! It was moving but also entertaining and joyful ! I'm sad she didn't make it to the podium but she should be really proud of her 9th place !😍 My insta : @fa.glz
Anya преди 3 дни
you should host EVRY Eurovision from now :)
Luke Batten
Luke Batten преди 3 дни
Nikkie your the best queen 👑 💗💞💖🏳️‍🌈🌈
Nadine L
Nadine L преди 3 дни
I simply loved your interviews with Germany and Russia. Jendrik and Manizha are SUCH gems!
Rebecca Louise
Rebecca Louise преди 3 дни
I think Nikkie really connected with the audience and her interviewees because she has so much experience talking to us here. Genuinely one of the best Eurovision hosts I have seen in years, I would love for them to bring her back.
animus_vox_a преди 3 дни
I'll be perfectly honest, I'm not a fan of Nikkie. I don't hate her or anything, I just don't watch her content, but I think she owned the Eurovision this year. I enjoyed her hosting, zoomcalls last year and Looklab this year so much. She brought something new and refreshing to the table and I liked her much more than I thought I would. I don't doubt that her being included in the Eurovision had something to do with her coming out and EBU wanting to get some brownie points for including LGBTQ, but Nikkie proved throughout Eurovision that she deserved that spot and no one can now take that from her. Massive respect for you Nikkie, as far as hosting goes, you were the MVP of the Eurovision 2021
Avalon St.Clair
Avalon St.Clair преди 3 дни
12 points: Italy 🇮🇹 10 points: Ukraine 🇺🇦 8 points: Switzerland 🇨🇭
Jufa Luisa
Jufa Luisa преди 3 дни
Droom= dream 🌠 @luisa.ela996
Soph преди 3 дни
It was my first time watching Eurovision this year because they don't broadcast it where I'm from and I'd just like to say that I had soooo much fun ❤️ My favourite this year is Italy but Ukraine was also so fun to watch, especially after seeing videos of the greenroom having so much fun. Your look today looks straight out of a droom ✨✨✨ ig @sophiajanna
Kementiri преди 3 дни
I missed you!!! I am so grateful and happy you are back :) Droom
Ashhh преди 3 дни
america vision - I AM CRINGING OMFG
Pink Bloom
Pink Bloom преди 3 дни
Sayra Deleon
Sayra Deleon преди 3 дни
We need a fool eye tutorial.. Beautiful!!
Aysha M
Aysha M преди 3 дни
im always in love with your earrings 😭♥️♥️💖💖💞💞✨✨✨
EVE S. преди 3 дни
Nikkie you forgot Conchita Wurst!! and Yes you were amazing!! such a profi!! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
EVE S. преди 3 дни
ah! and the german spokesman here also said that you had done an amazing presentation, amazing job!!
Sanja Štajdohar
Sanja Štajdohar преди 3 дни
You did an awesome job, so proud of you! My favorite was Italy, and finallyyyyyyy they have won!!!!!!!
Charlotte Lund
Charlotte Lund преди 3 дни
12 points to Switzerland 10 points Ukraine 8 points to Sweden
Lorena Fuentes Briones
Lorena Fuentes Briones преди 3 дни
2057 anyone
Quod scripsi, scripsi
Quod scripsi, scripsi преди 3 дни
îtaly was my fave
Jojo преди 3 дни
Hu Hu Hurricane 🌀🌪🇷🇸❤️
Fredinho Gameplays
Fredinho Gameplays преди 4 дни
“Italy, hi, I’m international baby” -Nikkie, 2021. 14:01
Connie Castaneda
Connie Castaneda преди 4 дни
My droom would be to meet you one day!! Love this!! And spanish for dream is sueño!! Much love, gorgeous and proud of you!! :))
Loor Karantinagi
Loor Karantinagi преди 4 дни
Droom My instagram is Lour_arts :)
Ala Werner
Ala Werner преди 4 дни
Droom 🥺❤️ love you @ala_werner
Radia Abel Nilsen
Radia Abel Nilsen преди 4 дни
Nikkie you were amazing as eurovision host, we really loved you here in Norway 🇳🇴😊👍
Love curvy me
Love curvy me преди 4 дни
Droom @lovecurvyme I ❤️ ur content it's not only motivate trans people but also people who are struggling with their body..
Normaa преди 4 дни
Droom!! @normaa_._
Normaa преди 4 дни
It is my instagram I would give my 12 points to Finland!
miro waka
miro waka преди 4 дни
Nikkie you should try mewing it's amazing searh it up
Laylla's Locker
Laylla's Locker преди 4 дни
ITALY - I'm international BABY! hahahahah that is the spirit! Fav entries : Ukraine, France, Italy.
Besyatka преди 4 дни
Malta and Ukraine *droom*
Silviu Teodorescu
Silviu Teodorescu преди 4 дни
17:23 Fun fact: Anastasia is Romanian (seems that EVERYTHING is Eurovision related hehe)
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