Finally Revealing My Secret | NikkieTutorials: Layers Of Me

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преди 5 месеца

After being blackmailed, Nikkie takes control as she prepares for her powerful coming out video, but behind the scenes she is battling with telling her closest friend the truth.

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Eva- Roblox
Eva- Roblox преди 3 часа
Nikkie, Its okay! I literally just cried after this video...
TImothy Jarvis
TImothy Jarvis преди 6 часа
If you didn't come out, I wouldn't know who you were. Thank you for your story and happyness.
Angela Lawrence
Angela Lawrence преди ден
❤❤❤ Your story is so beautiful and powerful. You are so beautiful and powerful! This video had me in blubbery tears. Thank you for who you are because you, by just being you, are changing the world. ❤
That Girl Noemi
That Girl Noemi преди ден
Her mom is amazing! I just love the way she talks about nikkie!! ♥️
Makeupandtalkitout преди ден
Wow. So's great to have support like that. You must feel so liberated , happy for you !🌈❤️
Jacklin Flórez
Jacklin Flórez преди 2 дни
Eres increíble🥰
Veronika V
Veronika V преди 4 дни
He's using way too much makeup.
Nicky преди 4 дни
She actually used to look like such a generic 2000s teen girl 😭💀 I love it
Liam Manning
Liam Manning преди 4 дни
Wearing protection next time because this was too raw ❤️
What_ whx_dat
What_ whx_dat преди 5 дни
Why do I have the feeling that Dutch sounds like German and English in one, but with a few sounds added? 😅
Ida Voutila
Ida Voutila преди 5 дни
I have never felt that my friends that are trans have lied to me. I too have felt no hatred or anger towards them, just sadness that they had to hide their true selves for so long. That feeling is followed by so much happiness and pride that they are finally being true! I love them so much, the friendships have only grown stronger.
Seda K
Seda K преди 5 дни
I can’t care less whether she is he or she or in between : with that attitude n zest for life and all that positivity n grand smile : that person is a winning 🌟human being
Wendy Romkes
Wendy Romkes преди 5 дни
Ik heb me toch een bak respect voor jou.... ik hou van jou, je bent geweldig.
Stelina Koutoula
Stelina Koutoula преди 6 дни
Goddybag4Lee преди 6 дни
Wow. Nikkie looks so much like her mom. And besides that, I never thought that Dutch could sound smooth and beautiful that is in itself an achievement. Nikkie is great for being just Nikkie!
Mikaila Hudson
Mikaila Hudson преди 6 дни
The one question that broke my heart: "Will it change the way you act in public? In what way?" "Yes. More Afraid" I honestly want to elbow everybody involved in the face.
Nadja Bergendahl
Nadja Bergendahl преди 7 дни
She is way too hard on herself. Nobody is entitled to know about your personal history.
Vg преди 9 дни
Dutch sounds like Simlish😂😂
Esther Overwijn
Esther Overwijn преди 7 дни
Nope, just Dutch 😉
Josiah Dillinger
Josiah Dillinger преди 9 дни
Your fabulous I completely have felt different my whole life but in fear my parents didn’t let me be who I really was
boucla83 преди 10 дни
You are perfect just the way you are Nikkie, don't ever let anyone make you doubt that! Hugs from Greece!
r.unknxwn.x преди 10 дни
Clothes does not have a gender. You can wear a dress if u like ....
Eboni Mom
Eboni Mom преди 10 дни
Glad to see I wasnt the only one that cried when she came out. I even remember where I was when I got the notification about the vid and where I was when I watched it. It was amazing
Eboni Mom
Eboni Mom преди 10 дни
Its absolutely beautiful how supportive her mom was/is. That's rare.
Eboni Mom
Eboni Mom преди 10 дни
Love you! I'm sorry you had to come out because you shouldnt have to. But you're inspiring so many others.
Lucas van Giels
Lucas van Giels преди 11 дни
Hey Nikkie, ik ben een transman en ik wilde alleen even zeggen dat je prachtig bent zoals je bent en je me enorm inspireert om mezelf te zijn❤️
Joy NuS
Joy NuS преди 12 дни
Nikki je mom is de best..🥰
L преди 12 дни
😭 love Nikkie 💕
Evie de Kruijff
Evie de Kruijff преди 12 дни
Ik was op de basisschool altijd anders dan de rest en ik werd erg gepest. Maar omdat ik ben gepest, ben ik sterker geworden, en nu op de middelbare school, is het echt heel fijn.
Lynn Gill
Lynn Gill преди 12 дни
Big hug Nikki, you are a true Queen xxx
Lynn Odell
Lynn Odell преди 12 дни
Fear of the unknown is what gets everyone down no matter who they are. The solution to this to just be you and those who don't like it can suck it!
venomania преди 13 дни
you were scared we would look diffrently at you, but you are... just you xD as you have always been. I like your tutorials, I like your positive attitude. You are wonderful.
Fabiana Carla
Fabiana Carla преди 13 дни
Estou tão feliz por você! Você é incrível e inspiradora, uma mulher simplesmente incrível e eu agradeço por você ser tudo isso e ser o que você passa para nós e eu te amo muito ♥️👏🏻👑🦋
sasha mellon
sasha mellon преди 14 дни
She’s 20 ft tall I was shocked when I saw her on face Uk and thought for the first time she might be. But I wasn’t bothered just surprised
ERASED преди 11 дни
20 ft??
Juan Chirinos Franco
Juan Chirinos Franco преди 14 дни
Jos Gielen
Jos Gielen преди 15 дни
You are so strong❤️😘
Jos Gielen
Jos Gielen преди 15 дни
You are zo strong❤️😘
Alice Nixon
Alice Nixon преди 15 дни
Knowing that she went through that just makes me think of her as a much stronger person
Princess преди 15 дни
Clickbait they never showed anything on his early life
621 Meow Cat
621 Meow Cat преди 14 дни
No, the title was about revealing HER secret, and the journey of doing so. That's what SHE shared about.
Princess преди 15 дни
Why is he speaking a different language most of his viewers are american 🤷🏻‍♀️
621 Meow Cat
621 Meow Cat преди 7 дни
@pacufka Thank you for correcting my limited knowledge on the Netherlands, politely. BTW when I said that, I meant the people who she was speaking to preferred to speak Dutch, a common language there. ;) I'm not arguing for her about her feelings, gender, sex, or opinions. She has no obligation to be and do everything, or to justify herself to the internet.
Esther Overwijn
Esther Overwijn преди 7 дни
So... if let’s say Mr Beast has mostly Chinese viewers, he should speak Chinese?? Yup... very logical... 😒😒
pacufka преди 14 дни
@621 Meow Cat It is not called the main language, but the official language - the national language of a country. English is not spoken in everyday life, it is taught at school and used in communication with foreigners. Since you are shoving the pronouns down everyone's throat, I wonder why this youtuber didn't recognize women as her community, but gay men and men in makeup? At the end of episode 3, she says "there was a community worth fighting for", referring to men in some Islamic country who weren't allowed to meet her. We are also fighting, but Nikkie doesn't join. She sells us highlighters. I'm not judging, the videos are interesting, I'm just stating the obvious.
621 Meow Cat
621 Meow Cat преди 14 дни
SHE is is the Netherlands, where a main language is Dutch, and SHE was speaking with people who's main language was Dutch.
Bonnie Rae
Bonnie Rae преди 15 дни
Richella alysha
Richella alysha преди 15 дни
We love you nikki in the way you aree❤😘
Mary K
Mary K преди 15 дни
She is more beautiful as a girl
docacuwatson преди 16 дни
Your coming out video was amazing, reclaiming your power. But this documentary, sharing your vulnerability and insecurities, is beautiful beyond words. Self-discovery, self-acceptance, courage, compassion, kindness, support, and all the other positive things about being human we can achieve? I'm so moved by your story and I hope that it reaches people in their darkest moments of doubt and raise them up.
hey adora
hey adora преди 16 дни
I honestly don’t see her in different eyes now because for me a soul is a soul. Nikkie was, is and will always be the same Queen we know from the very beginning. That’s how I view the situation. It’s not a big thing for me lol.
Demitri Tsobanopoulos
Demitri Tsobanopoulos преди 16 дни
You are amazing
Sheryl Medina
Sheryl Medina преди 16 дни
You’re a brave, strong woman! 💕
Oreos TV
Oreos TV преди 16 дни
I love nikki. Ididnt know you till esc 2021 .guao i cant wait to See more Videos of you. You are gorgious. Because you are Real. Like the life, you are authentisch..kiss you emanuele
Sophie D.
Sophie D. преди 17 дни
This is one of my favorite videos on BGpost. You are awesome and beautiful inside out.
Jelena D.
Jelena D. преди 17 дни
I heard about her from Eurovision and now I see on BGpost and Instagram she has over 13 million subscribers and followers.😳 Can anyone explain to me how and why????
Gretta Kooke
Gretta Kooke преди 17 дни
You did not lie.
Grace Allen
Grace Allen преди 17 дни
The montage of her growing up through her videos 💕😭 ugh you can just see the joy and the confidence and the glow getting brighter and brighter. Beautiful.
Rosa Loren
Rosa Loren преди 18 дни
OOOHHHH...Nikkie me acabo de enterar ahora y ¿sabes que? no cambia nada, sigues para mi eres Nikkie Tutorials, maravillosa chica de youtube que se maquilla impresionante. Muchos besos guapa.
Eagle Di
Eagle Di преди 18 дни
You shouldn’t care what others think just be you 🌟
davonni renee
davonni renee преди 18 дни
no way bruh i don’t believe you 😭😭😭
davonni renee
davonni renee преди 18 дни
girl no way i’m late but whaaaaaaaaaaa no matter you are women asfffff i don’t believe you
Kelly De Kesel
Kelly De Kesel преди 19 дни
Dit is zo mooi! Ik volgde je enkele jaren terug, voor al je fantastische make-up looks en heb dit nooit gedacht. Je bent op en top vrouw! En ook al bekijken mensen je op een andere manier, daarom is het geen slechte manier. Nu zien ze hoe sterk je bent en hoe het niet uitmaakt wie je ooit was, maar meer wie je bent. 💖
Laura Blackcherry
Laura Blackcherry преди 19 дни
You are so brave so proud of you Nikkie
Julie Thompson
Julie Thompson преди 19 дни
Beautiful inside and out ❤️
Anastasija Popovic
Anastasija Popovic преди 19 дни
Anna Choi
Anna Choi преди 20 дни
Hello, NIKKI. I’m from Russia . Watching ur channel for a long time . Love you! You are amazing ,and professional of what u r doing . No matter what body is it , the most important is how u feel ,and you are happy ! You are super brave and strong ,thank you for the truth , but we love u n supporting anyway! Stay healthy , and have a happy life . After I watch ur story , I really respect u even more . And I truly truly happy for you with all my heart ! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
SporterRicky преди 20 дни
U are 👍👍👍👍
SporterRicky преди 20 дни
Lolexx F
Lolexx F преди 20 дни
I love you 🤟🏽
J * G
J * G преди 20 дни
Iedereen heeft recht op zijn/haar geheimpje Nikkie .... maar zo fijn als het niet hoeft ☆ Blijf lekker schijnen in je zijn en besef hoe heerlijk het is om voor zoveel onzekere mensen De Positieve Kracht Te Kunnen Zijn ♡
Ingrid Gustad
Ingrid Gustad преди 20 дни
Lada Last
Lada Last преди 20 дни
I don’t believe her, where are the photos when she was a boy, she couldn’t transform so fast, if at the age of 14 we see her as a girl already
KiMu / Кенгу Музыкальная ритмика
KiMu / Кенгу Музыкальная ритмика преди 21 ден
I dont see you as another persone, for me you are the same Niki - brave, fun, bright person! And yes! You do change this world for many people! Go Girl!
Lorenz PR
Lorenz PR преди 21 ден
Monica преди 21 ден
She's born to be a woman because she's always been a woman, also when she was a teenager...i see a girl
numaistiualtnick преди 21 ден
Love you, Nikki! ❤️❤️❤️🥰
Harmony In Life
Harmony In Life преди 22 дни
Her height betrayed her anyway i guess..She looks like she is a very strong woman.. But when i listened to her story, i saw that she is a sensitive person too... She is so lucky she has that mother... Also her story is very inspirational ! We can follow our dreams..
Viola преди 22 дни
I'm adopted at the age of 5 and I can relate. Although my early years have helped shape the person I am today, those years does not define me. I understand people's curiosity when they assume that I come from another country, but it makes me angry when they assume that they are entitled to know everything about my past just because they find my life to be different. And it makes me angry when they make assumptions about who I am as I person because they have an idea based on their prejudices.
The Last Melon
The Last Melon преди 22 дни
I loved the part where she just dropped whatever she was doing to chase a rabbit 😂
sarian magic
sarian magic преди 22 дни
I love you. Just this...
F NL преди 22 дни
Ik vind je een fantastisch mooi mens ♥️
Šišarka преди 23 дни
- Do you know what's gonna happen next? Well she's about to host eurovision, that's one thing
LizBen@ преди 18 дни
She was absolutely brillant ❤❤❤
TheHillady преди 19 дни
And she absolutely nailed it
Akaeda-chan преди 23 дни
The only thing I care about is that she knows how to put on make up 😀 Everything else is irrelevant!
Simona Smirnova
Simona Smirnova преди 23 дни
Andrea Maynard
Andrea Maynard преди 23 дни
Having just watch this for the for the first time today, after watching this most amazing young woman presenter on the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. So proud of you for all you have achieved and will go on to achieve. I fully understand the pain and anguish you have gone through and your coming out in such a public way could not have been easy by any stretch of the imagination. Totally got my support 1,000,000 % Nikkie
ole ola
ole ola преди 23 дни
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️stay true to urself❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️u are amazing niki❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Галина Вольная
Галина Вольная преди 23 дни
Бесполезно красится, видно, что жирный мужик (особенно в профиль). Строение тела, череп, мощная шея и руки выдают настоящий пол. Жалко парня, который повёлся и встречается с этим. У этого парня нет будущего
lyn pachuau
lyn pachuau преди 23 дни
Oh I cried so much😭
D Win
D Win преди 23 дни
Nikkie, tonight was YOUR NIGHT! Congratulations! Stay healthy, sweety because I want to see you as the bride of MrTutorial pretty soon! Your little brother was and allways will by your side!
Emelie Westfält
Emelie Westfält преди 23 дни
Beautiful inside and out! 🌟💛
Suna Summer
Suna Summer преди 24 дни
You are who You are. Beutiful, also inside, and strong. Btw. You are amazing in Eurovision! ❤👍
sanne kortooms
sanne kortooms преди 24 дни
Zo mooi! The power of me! dat geldt voor iedereen!
Agnes Van Vessem
Agnes Van Vessem преди 24 дни
za za tomy
za za tomy преди 24 дни
Lol nikki is so unique that if she came out as alien i would say ok girl you go girl ♥️
Alice Pereira Guimarães
Alice Pereira Guimarães преди 25 дни
You is life... I love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Thee_blox X_
Thee_blox X_ преди 25 дни
This is a beautiful story Nikki thank u for sharing this love u ❤️ u are a queen 👑
Yumeri Kay
Yumeri Kay преди 25 дни
Your such a strong and amazing human and thanks to peopke like you i still belive in humanity❤🙏 thanks for sharing your life and empower others. Love your mum , she is such a treasure ❤
Noobmaster69 преди 25 дни
Ik versta het lol
Mariam Amy
Mariam Amy преди 26 дни
Groetjes van je landgenoot
Eirini Kiriakaki
Eirini Kiriakaki преди 26 дни
DriftDesire преди 27 дни
Can't believe where the world is going.."beeing born in the wrong body" 🤦🏽‍♀️ Kids, I'm sorry..
munchh2007 преди 27 дни
You should not have been forced to tell anyone, its nobodys buisness but yours.
Chrissy Friday
Chrissy Friday преди 28 дни
I was surprised, I would of never new, I’ve been a fan for a few years ! But it doesn’t matter !! I love her up beat personally and when I have a down day I watch her video and do my Make up ! Much love Nikki
Tal преди 28 дни
Nikkie you were always so beautiful
Del Cee
Del Cee преди 29 дни
Love her! Get that bunny!
Shondiin Rencia Chee Dodge
Shondiin Rencia Chee Dodge преди 29 дни
Can you please do a makeup video in your language.. I personally, really enjoyed hearing you talk in your language. It's so unique and beautiful sound
Renée Flamand
Renée Flamand преди месец
Come to Orlando, honey. We’ll have coffee.
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