My Facetune SECRETS Exposed! | NikkieTutorials
Eva- Roblox
Eva- Roblox преди 2 часа
3:56 Whata fwak ? LOL THE SOUND LY NIKKIE!!! Anyone alr released that it was 1 april?
Goki A.
Goki A. преди 2 часа
Eva- Roblox
Eva- Roblox преди 3 часа
Nikkie, Its okay! I literally just cried after this video...
Annika преди 3 часа
Droom big❤️ @blueeyedbetch on instagram❤️
Niko Uimi
Niko Uimi преди 3 часа
Ukraine, Italy, Russia, France and Switzerland were my favourites
Annika преди 3 часа
NIKKI u gotta start telling us what you’re using for your lips😩 they’re always so perfect
Estefany Luna
Estefany Luna преди 3 часа
I had no notification 😑
Safina Intekhab Shaikh
Safina Intekhab Shaikh преди 3 часа
nikkie my dream is to become a princess and be the queen of my own palace
juliabull преди 4 часа
me hearing TIX of Norway: omg omg she said norway, i can’t believe it
isas_lifeee преди 4 часа
i am a pisces toooooooooooooo
TImothy Jarvis
TImothy Jarvis преди 5 часа
If you didn't come out, I wouldn't know who you were. Thank you for your story and happyness.
Blossom Michiels
Blossom Michiels преди 6 часа
kamer :)))
Aengus Price
Aengus Price преди 6 часа
That's the Ellis she met on glow up isn't it
TImothy Jarvis
TImothy Jarvis преди 6 часа
Here's my comment for the algorithm
Aric Cua
Aric Cua преди 7 часа
Asking for a friend why Tornike didn’t take part in the LookLab.
Turk Kenya
Turk Kenya преди 7 часа
Wow this was a great one .Love you nikki ❤
Jimborean Cristian
Jimborean Cristian преди 8 часа
Droom @jimbocris 12 points goes to Malta !
Simone Orlando
Simone Orlando преди 8 часа
Can we focus on how cute is Dylan ?😂🤩
Akvelīna Otmane
Akvelīna Otmane преди 9 часа
12 points : Ukraine 10 points : Italy 8 points : Azerbaijan Droom <3 IG: akveliinao
Harshita Verma
Harshita Verma преди 9 часа
Imagine getting her makeup..its just like a dream <3
Avisha Meshram
Avisha Meshram преди 10 часа
We Love Our MoM
Allison Beek
Allison Beek преди 10 часа
My droom is to help others and become a makeup artist (possibly famous). I want to show the world what I’m capable of and contribute my strengths as well. I love you Niki and I can’t wait to see what other AMAZING things you do 🥰💖💖